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“Mastering foundational learning … every student, every day.”

Hmmm … Is it just me who feels overwhelmed in the classroom at times?? Teaching is an intense profession and we have significant daily pressures, not the least of which is meeting the individual learning needs of our students! When teaching Year 1, I discovered that mastery learning folders were a wonderfully simple tool in the repertoire of strategies to address individual student learning needs – the only problem was that they were time-consuming to make and didn’t last very long. So I created a hard cover, high quality version, made in Australia and designed to last!

NicolaMastery Learning Folder

Mastery Learning Folders allow teachers to individualise remediation of the learning occurring in the classroom and give students instant and visual feedback on their progress.

They differentiate …
*content (based on teacher assessments)
*learning load determined by teacher judgement
*learning time (self-paced)

Mastery Learning Folders are a simple, cost effective strategy that, as a homework tool,  also harness the power of your students greatest advocates – their parents. When a parent knows that the homework their child is receiving is individualized to their needs and is based upon the learning occurring in the classroom, they become your greatest ally. Fantastic progress is the result. If you’ve never used them before, this video will step you through the process. If you’re already using mastery learning folders, join the free Flashcard Club where foundational learning content is organised according to the Australian Curriculum.



My new product is called an Infomat. It is an early childhood double-sided reference desk mat, currently available in two levels; Early (K – PP) and Junior (Year 1 – Year 3/4) or for special needs.

Junior Infomat (WA/VIC or NSW Font)

Premium Infomat NSW Junior Infomat


Early Infomat (K – PP)

Early English InfomatEarly Infomat Maths Side


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