WA Day 2017

The “Celebrate WA” folks have done a great job with a lot more resources available this year including colouring-in, crafty mask and bunting – see the links within the slideshow.  Have a great WA Day and I hope you DON’T have to spend it writing reports! WA Day 2016 from Nicola Carr-White . .

Labour Day

I was so vague about this Australian public holiday it was a disgrace! I found it a very interesting public holiday to investigate and definitely worthy of a long weekend (can’t think of any good reason not to have a long weekend!). (Trouble advancing slides?  iPhone Users Click Here) Labour Day from Nicola . A […] → Continue Reading Labour Day

What’s the Story?!

If you’re doing Christmas activities in the classroom this slideshow includes a link to my all time favourite nativity video, produced by St Paul’s Church, Auckland. Enjoy!

Acts of Kindness

It is amazing what a difference it makes to “classroom climate” when we raise student awareness of the feelings and needs of others. This slideshow asks children to think about what makes them feel special and then encourages them to do those things for others – their friends and new potential friends. These ideas and […] → Continue Reading Acts of Kindness

The Queen’s Birthday

Our next public holiday in WA is the Queen’s Birthday. Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most important dignitaries in the world and the constitutional monarch of Australia. Her image is on the currency we use every day but how much do our students really know about her – introduce the Queen to your students […] → Continue Reading The Queen’s Birthday

National Science Week: Robots

Dogs now come in two versions; live and robotic! Meet CHiP the robot and Rusty the Jack Russell. This interactive whiteboard slideshow will hopefully create some interesting discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of both! Please let me know how the votes fall in the comments below and share with any early childhood teachers interested […] → Continue Reading National Science Week: Robots

Queen Elizabeth II Reign

Queen Elizabeth II Reign from Nicola Portrait Printable

Slideshow Requests

Receiving feedback, comments and making connections with teachers all over Australia is what keeps me fired up to create a new slideshow each month! So far I have focused on Australian special days or theme days/weeks in education e.g. Science Week, NAIDOC.  I’m also interested in providing content that fills a gap – for example, the recent “Daddy […] → Continue Reading Slideshow Requests

Book Week Printable

Here’s a simple K-3 writing activity to create an A5 class book. The first page is the cover front and back – print directly onto card or print, cut in half and glue onto coloured card. The second page is the master for the pages in the book. Each child writes or draws what they […] → Continue Reading Book Week Printable

National Science Week 2015: Light

National Science Week commences on Saturday 15th August and the theme this year is “Light”. This K-3 interactive slideshow looks at the topic of rainbows and includes an easy investigation and an excellent animation link from the NSW resource ebook. The investigation is best conducted in direct sunlight through a window – outside it is too […] → Continue Reading National Science Week 2015: Light