Folder Instructions

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember;
involve me and I’ll understand. Chinese Proverb

The Mastery Learning Folder is an organizational tool designed to enable teachers and parents to support individual student progress through remediation, consolidation or extension of the learning occurring in the classroom. It’s student-centred, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (hands on) …

Step 1. Teachers use their assessment results or students are pre-tested from the website, and the learning content is identified.
Step 2. The relevant flashcards are printed and placed into the Store pocket. Based on the ability of the learner, four to twelve flashcards are moved into the Hive pocket.
Step 3. These active flashcards can now be consolidated through on-going classroom instruction, one-on-one learning strategies and parent homework support.
Step 4. Each day, the flashcards in the active pockets are first tested. Correct flashcards are moved forward to the next pocket whilst incorrect flashcards are returned to the Hive. The flashcards are then consolidated.
Step 5. This test and learn process repeats each day until some flashcards reach the Test pocket. As each flashcard reaches the Test pocket a new flashcard is transferred from the Store into the Hive. Once there’s a collection of flashcards in the Test pocket, the learner is then ready to be formally assessed (weekly/fortnightly/staggered). Correct flashcards go to the Mastered pocket whilst incorrect flashcards go back to the Hive.
Step 6. To ensure that the learning content has passed into long-term memory, the mastered flashcards can be re-tested after a period of time. Correct flashcards are removed from the folder and those remaining go back to the Hive. Check out the free Flashcard Club