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English is tough!! Enough is enough!

This is a great little teacher reminder about how tough English phonics are to learn – particularly for ESL adults – a funny video featuring Lucy and Desi!

Mastery Learning Folder Parent Note

You’ll find this note handy if you’re introducing Mastery Learning Folder homework to parents for the first time. I would also recommend giving a folder demonstration at your start of year parent meeting. If this isn’t possible, you can direct them to this video. The note is in Word format so you can modify the […] → Continue Reading Mastery Learning Folder Parent Note

Phonological Awareness Class Checklist

This Excel spreadsheet checklist contains the following PA headings: Word / Syllable / Onset & Rime / Phoneme / Phonics / Phonetic Words / Alternative Phonics / Advanced Phonetic Words It can be used to track progress after post testing with the PA quick screeners found in Foundation English the free Flashcard Club. When the appropriate level for remediation […] → Continue Reading Phonological Awareness Class Checklist

Phonics Class Checklist

This Excel spreadsheet checklist contains the 43 basic phonics sounds in Jolly Phonics order. It can be used to track progress after post testing with the phonics flashcards found in the free Flashcard Club. Incorrect flashcards can be placed in the child’s mastery learning folder and remediated with the quick test and learn process each homework night. Phonics […] → Continue Reading Phonics Class Checklist

How to Use Mastery Learning Folders

Library Pocket Supplies Australia

The traditional gold library pockets are becoming more difficult to source in Australia and are not cheap. I have a supplier in Queensland and have listed their details below. I supply the medium sized gold library pockets in my Hand-made Mastery Learning Folder Kit. The kit includes everything you need to create the manilla folder styled […] → Continue Reading Library Pocket Supplies Australia

Phonological Awareness Screeners

Phonological Awareness assessments are usually long and involved. Sometimes all that is needed for formative assessment is a quick snapshot. These one page PA screeners may be handy as we head into report writing, just as a quick tool to gather evidence of student progress in literacy skills. After you’ve used them, please let me know in […] → Continue Reading Phonological Awareness Screeners

Sight Word Learning Ideas

Sight words are classified as words that don’t conform to regular phonetic spelling and so they often present a challenge to beginning readers. They are remembered through repeated exposure and Year 1 teacher, Celeice McDonnell, has some great ideas for parents to assist their children to learn their words … Memory Game: Make a second set of words, turn […] → Continue Reading Sight Word Learning Ideas

Teaching Children to Read

Teaching Children to Read from Nicola  Quote – US National Reading Panel “In 1997, Congress asked the NICHD, through its Child Development and Behavior Branch, to work with the U.S. Department of Education (ED) in establishing a National Reading Panel that would evaluate existing research and evidence to find the best ways of teaching children to […] → Continue Reading Teaching Children to Read