Pocket Instructions

Modify or print these parent instructions, perfectly sized to fit in the spare pockets at the bottom of your folders … Pocket Instructions BLM Pocket Instructions (Word)  

Save time! Use parent pre-testing …

Here’s an alternative method to differentiating your Mastery Learning Folder content. Based on your classroom learning, send home with each student a flashcard sheet and ask parents to cut out and pre-test their child. Here’s some instructions designed to fit in the spare row of pockets in the folder: Parent Pre-testing Info

Mastery Learning Folder Parent Note

You’ll find this note handy if you’re introducing Mastery Learning Folder homework to parents for the first time. I would also recommend giving a folder demonstration at your start of year parent meeting. If this isn’t possible, you can direct them to this video. The note is in Word format so you can modify the […] → Continue Reading Mastery Learning Folder Parent Note

Phonological Awareness Class Checklist

This Excel spreadsheet checklist contains the following PA headings: Word / Syllable / Onset & Rime / Phoneme / Phonics / Phonetic Words / Alternative Phonics / Advanced Phonetic Words It can be used to track progress after post testing with the PA quick screeners found in Foundation English the free Flashcard Club. When the appropriate level for remediation […] → Continue Reading Phonological Awareness Class Checklist

Phonics Class Checklist

This Excel spreadsheet checklist contains the 43 basic phonics sounds in Jolly Phonics order. It can be used to track progress after post testing with the phonics flashcards found in the free Flashcard Club. Incorrect flashcards can be placed in the child’s mastery learning folder and remediated with the quick test and learn process each homework night. Phonics […] → Continue Reading Phonics Class Checklist

Student Recording Chart

A fantastic way for students to see their progress is for them to chart the number of flashcards that they have learnt each week. After testing, they record (or colour-in) their chart to show how many cards have reached the Mastered! pocket. The only cards that reach the final pocket are the ones they have got correct […] → Continue Reading Student Recording Chart

Homework Log

Would you like to know who is doing their mastery learning folder homework and how often?? The Homework Log is an easy way for parents to record their Mastery Learning Folder sessions at home by simply filling in the date or adding a sticker. As the teacher you can then review how many sessions the child is completing and […] → Continue Reading Homework Log

Name Labels

These happy and bright folder name labels are designed for Avery DL30 (64 x 25.4mm) label sheets. Why not use them as name tags on your mastery learning folders? Name Labels


No more fussing over publishing documents trying to get that flashcard layout just right. Here are some ready-made templates to create flashcards that fit beautifully into your master learning folder pockets! We all have our preferred platforms so I’ve included a template for Word and also for Pages (Mac). I use both formats and often […] → Continue Reading Flashcards