Science Week 2019

Hey it’s Science Week. Here’s a junior primary video that I created based on the theme. I’ve snuck in some learning science strategies – spacing and retrieval – to active that prior knowledge and retain some new knowledge. Let’s build those schemas!  You Tube Version: Teacher Tube Version:

Battle of Beersheba

Share with your class the significance of the Australian and New Zealand Light Horsemen in the Battle of Beersheba during the First World War as we commemorate Remembrance Day. See also some great Aussie performers singing “Spirit of the ANZACS” in the Remembrance Day slideshow.   Battle of Beersheba Primary School Slideshow from Nicola Carr-White

Mastery Learning Folder School Sample

Interested school administrators (principals, deputy principals, learning area co-ordinators) are invited to order a Mastery Learning Folder sample. Other school staff may request a sample, however, it must be posted to a member of the school admin team before being passed on. Thank you for your understanding. A demonstration of the new Mastery Learning Folder […] → Continue Reading Mastery Learning Folder School Sample

Handmade Mastery Learning Folder Class Kit

I’ve spent plenty of years gathering the separate supplies to make mastery learning folders but these days those gold library pockets are becoming harder and harder to find! I’ve gathered everything you need to create your own handmade folders into the one class kit (28 folders) for less than $3 per student. They are bright […] → Continue Reading Handmade Mastery Learning Folder Class Kit

Phonological Awareness Screeners

Phonological Awareness assessments are usually long and involved. Sometimes all that is needed for formative assessment is a quick snapshot. These one page PA screeners may be handy as we head into report writing, just as a quick tool to gather evidence of student progress in literacy skills. After you’ve used them, please let me know in […] → Continue Reading Phonological Awareness Screeners

Handmade Class Kit

Take a look at what’s in the Handmade Class Kit that has all you’ll need to create 28 Mastery Learning Folders for less than $3 per student:

First Store!

The first Mastery Learning Folders hit the shelves at the Teacher Superstore !