How it Works

Steps in the new Mastery Learning Folder strategy…

The Mastery Learning Folder can be used by selected students or as a whole class homework tool. Teachers can use the folder to remediate individual student learning based on their own test results and using their own resources. Alternatively, flashcards from this website can be used for post-testing and utilised in the folder. Once set up, this is a manageable and highly effective targeted remediation tool.

Mastery Learning Folder Inside

The process …
A content area covered in the classroom, for example, phonics sounds, are post-tested using teacher resources or flashcards from the site. The flashcards needing remediation for each child are placed into the Store pocket of their folder.

Based on the ability of the child, four to twelve flashcards are moved into the Hive pocket. The learner begins practising these flashcards.

The next day, the flashcards in the Hive are tested. Testing can be conducted by the teacher, an education assistant, peer or most frequently by a parent when the folder is used for homework. Correct cards are moved to Pocket 3 (the first flower) whilst incorrect cards stay in the Hive. The flashcards in both pockets are learnt.

The next day, the flashcards in both pockets are tested, moving them forward to the next pocket if correct or back to the Hive if incorrect. The flashcards in the active pockets are then practised.

This process repeats for a few minutes each day until some flashcards reach the Test pocket. As each flashcard reaches the Test pocket a new flashcard is transferred from the Store into the Hive – which maintains the learning load and the mastery learning process continues.

The learner is now ready to be formally assessed. Teachers or Education Assistants may choose to test weekly, fortnightly or a few students each day. Correct flashcards go to the Mastered! pocket, incorrect flashcards go back to the Hive.

At the end of each term, the cards in the Mastered! pocket may be re-checked – this will confirm that the content has passed into long term memory which is almost always the case! Correct flashcards are removed from the folder, incorrect flashcards go back to the Hive.

The Consolidate pocket is useful for practice tasks like decoding phonetic words. The folder can be used for specific subjects or as a general remediation tool with any content or practice tasks being added.

See the FAQ: In the Classroom section for ideas on how to incorporate the learning folder into the classroom.